Our Testimonials

Swollen Knees and Pain Gone Away

April 22, 2017

To those who are concerned:

I have had osteoarthritis for many years now and had put up with aching joints, particularly in my knees.

When it became obvious that the pain was affecting how much walking I could do, as well my ability to walk, my daughter suggested giving acupuncture a try. She suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Lau so I took her advice.

Within a few sessions, I came to realize the swollen knees and pain had gone away. It truly was unbelievable!

Now I find myself with digestive problems and once again, have turned to Dr. Lau for help. All is coming along in a satisfying manner. Dr. Lau takes into consideration the whole body or person, which is reassuring!


Delphine H.

Knee Rich

June 2017

I have had knee problems for 15 years. Having arthroscopic about 12 years ago and not really feeling at least 50% better I turned to prolotherapy which worked very well for many years. The cost of the treatments were prohibitive so I stopped. It really helped for a number of years.

Recently, I injured my left knee. I could not go up and down stairs without grimacing in pain. Getting in and out of a chair was very difficult. I am a 64 year old big guy but exercise every day.
I decided to try Acupuncture to see if what I have heard about it was true.

Let me tell you, Dr. Lau’s procedures worked great. After the second treatment I was 50% better. After the forth I was 80% better. I realize that my knee will never be 100%. I will take being able to walk up and down the stairs with little pain and getting in and out of a chair with virtually no pain.

Dr. Lau is a great guy who obviously knows his modality in and out. The office is very professional yet relaxing and soothing. I would suggest Dr. Lau to anyone who can’t find relief in anything else they have tried. Dr. Lau also knows his herbal supplements.

Rich P.

40th year of receiving acupuncture

Dear Dr. Lau,

I wanted to thank you for years of successful treatment.

I realized recently that this is my fortieth year of receiving acupuncture!

Years ago, I started with Dr. King but have had most of my treatments with you. You have helped me with migraines, sinus, allergies, gout, sciatica and many other ailments too numerous to mention.

You have been my first choice for treatment and it has paid off.

Your gentle manner and general support has meant the world to me.

Gratefully yours,

Sheila Wilcox

Pinched nerve in lower back

March 2017

I am completely relieved of pain in my lower back due to a chronic pinched nerve. Felt better immediately. Dr.Lau is very professional and I highly recommend his wellness center to anyone having discomfort. Definitely worth a try to any skeptics. You will be impressed with swift results.

Bill S.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

February, 2017

I’m grateful to Dr. Lau for treating me for Trigeminal Nerve Pain. After having it for a year and being on pills, I decided to try acupuncture.

I had six treatments and could tell the difference! It is much milder and I can eat and talk a lot better!

The pain still comes and goes but is not as painful as before.

Connie B.