Our Testimonials

Anxiety, migraine and gastroparesis

Nov 23, 2020

I started going to Dr. Lau when I couldn’t use traditional treatments for my migraine headaches. I had a consult at another acupuncture office and was turned off but decided to give it another try. I am so glad I did! He not only was able to help with my headaches but also my anxiety and gastroparesis. I was unable to take the herbal supplements he wanted me to take because of my stomach issues but that didn’t prevent the treatments from helping. I have been going to him for a while now and go for monthly sessions to keep me balanced which also helps with my winter anxiety. I would recommend him to anyone.


Swollen right Ankle

Nov 23 2020

My right ankle was swollen and heel was hurting a lot after jogging three weeks ago. I was not able to bear too much weights on it while walking and standing. I can only take ibuprofens and rest after long hours of work each day. Finally, I went to see Dr. Lau one week ago. After two acupuncture treatments, the swelling has gone and I no longer have any pain and are able to walk and do my regular walkouts. Very effective treatments and care. Strongly recommend!

S. W.

I Am Migraine & Medication Free

January 27, 2020

Dear Dr. Lau,

If you had asked me, when I entered your office several months ago, if I’d ever be migraine free, I would have been strongly doubtful.  After years of constant, chronic pain, symptoms that proved to be severely debilitating, and an endless list of medications and infusions, I came to you with the hope that acupuncture might help to improve some of the daily challenges, but accepted that migraines would always be a part of my life.  I was a complete mess when I came to your office in desperation – a picture of someone who had been treated by multiple doctors with overlapping medication, all of which created an inner destruction I had no idea was occurring.  I never fathomed that acupuncture would be THE CURE!

After ONE acupuncture treatment, I experienced such dramatic improvement that I gained a freedom in my life that I forgot was possible.  Your guidance and expertise not only healed my migraine headaches but helped me to detoxify my body from all of the unnecessary medication I was prescribed.  I am writing to you to share my story so that others too can have hope, and believe in the power of acupuncture therapy…

But also to say THANK YOU.  The words do not seem enough to express the gratitude I have for what you have done to help me regain my health.  I AM MIGRAINE & MEDICATION FREE and that is something I never thought I’d ever be able to say.

Thank you, Dr. Lau, to you and your staff!  I am eternally grateful and I pray every day that you continue to WORK MIRACLES  for others in the way you have for me.  You have changed my life forever.



UTI Gone in 3 Days

September 23, 2019

Dear Dr Lau,

Many Nya’-Wehs (thank you in Seneca) to you for all you have done for me.  This letter is way, way overdue.

For several years I suffered from urinary tract infections (UTI), to the point that I was prescribed a daily antibiotic.  Then one day, a mutual acquaintance asked if I had ever considered acupuncture and told me about you.  I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, but also desperate to find relief.  So I reluctantly decided to give it a try.

The day of my first appointment, I was already a couple days into another episode.  I dreaded the needles, and to my surprise there was no discomfort to speak of.  The infection was gone in about 3 days and after 4 or 5 visits I was totally healed.  That was at least 18 months ago, and I am still free of that scourge today.  When I have a slight warning that I’m headed in that direction again, I start taking the herbs and it does the trick.

Since our first encounter, you have removed sciatica, sinusitis and other ailments from my body, and I have recommended you to everyone and anyone who will listen.  My only regret is that I didn’t know you long ago as I am 82 years old and raised a family of 5 girls alone since the youngest was 4.  I am your biggest cheerleader and I thank God for you, Mrs. Lau and Wende and your wonderful kindness to me and my family.

Most Sincerely,


No more prescription drugs for high blood pressure

April 3, 2019

I first visited Dr. Lau because my blood pressure was too high and I did not want to start a regimen of prescription drugs. Dr. Lau’s Acupuncture treatments to lower my blood pressure began to work and prove effective after only a few treatments. Now I continue to have a “maintenance” session once a month. Not only has my blood pressure remained in the normal range but I also find the treatments relaxing as well. Dr. Lau is
a compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable healer and I am convinced that his acupuncture is a valuable alternative to address and treat health issues. His office is efficiently run with a staff of friendly and helpful assistants.

Paul S.