April 22, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

A big great thanks for helping me with my weight loss.

Having made a decision to get fit and lose weight, I decided to see an acupuncturist for treatments that may help.

My appointment with you was very informative.  He discussed various ways to get with a weight and fitness program.

I decided to try a program called Isogenix.  They have a 9 day quick start program which I thought was a perfect start in the right direction.

The program includes meal replacements with shakes, vitamins, and a cleansing routine.

I was overjoyed that I could stay focused and not fall back on old eating habits.  On day one my weight was 228lbs. (Body measurements are also taken) on day 10 I weighed 220 and had lost 18.5 inches. (My scale at home showed a loss of 14lbs.)

Incredibly I feel great, look great and have lots of energy.

Dr. Lau, thank you for your support and coaching during the process.  I am continuing with the 30 day program to continue my progress and get into that bathing suit this summer.

A. Jackson