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If you’re in pain, go to Kings Acupuncture


From Google

Dr. Lau and his staff are great, professional and warm. The facility is incredibly clean, I sent my husband there a few years ago for back issues. He was so happy about his experience and healing, that when my arm started giving me problems he suggested I go there. Best idea ever, my arm is healing, and the pain has subsided quite a bit. Please, if you’re in pain, go to Kings Acupuncture. Thank you, Dr. Lau.

Migraine headache


After suffering a week long severe Migraine headache I sought relief at King’s Acupuncture. Dr. Lau and his staff provide a professional setting, medical assessment and treatment. In addition to the clean and comfortable environment,  I was provided a drug free alternative for my headache.  Dr. Lau has a calming presence and kind bedside manner. I would definitely recommend trying this Eastern Medical approach as an alternative to prescription headache medications.  Dr. Lau also treats many other conditions.  The staff are also adept at making patients comfortable by conforming to all COVID-19 procedures.  I highly recommend King’s Acupuncture with any health concerns.


This office is definitely a 5 star


Chicken before egg or egg before chicken scenario. I suffer from Low back and digestive issues. I chose to try something different.  Four acupuncture treatments with Dr Lau. and I have relief in both areas.  Dr Lau took time to listen and answer each of my questions. I appreciated his knowledge and awareness to each issue I presented. There was no rush. His energy is calming. And it certainly did not feel routine.  After week 1 (2 sessions) I had some relief. But after my 4th session, I literally felt a release. Unexplainable. But whatever shifted on that table was needed and I have been so much more comfortable than weeks prior.  I am officially a believer of acupuncture therapy and have added Dr Lau to my A-team of holistic healers.  Amy, the receptionist is also very welcoming and helpful. This office is definitely a 5 star. Thank you, Amy & Dr. Lau.


Neck Pain Relief


Strongly recommend acupuncture treatments at King’s Acupuncture and Wellness Center with Dr. Lau. His calm and compassionate demeanor as well as professional expertise minimizes any apprehension during the treatment.

My acute neck pain relief has improved greatly only after 3 treatments.

I plan on continuing with maintenance treatments in the future.


Relief is on the way


From Yelp

Relief is on the way….Absolutely love King’s Acupuncture and Wellness Center, this is a very clean and professional environment. More importantly, in this time of COVID, their patients are treated with warmth, respect, safety and care in- office visits. I am seeing Dr. Lau due to a shoulder and arm injury, after 2 visits I can feel a huge difference, for example the pain has subsided greatly and my range of motion has improved. I have recommended him before and will continue to do so, thank you Dr. Lau.