Our Testimonials

This office is definitely a 5 star


Chicken before egg or egg before chicken scenario. I suffer from Low back and digestive issues. I chose to try something different.  Four acupuncture treatments with Dr Lau. and I have relief in both areas.  Dr Lau took time to listen and answer each of my questions. I appreciated his knowledge and awareness to each issue I presented. There was no rush. His energy is calming. And it certainly did not feel routine.  After week 1 (2 sessions) I had some relief. But after my 4th session, I literally felt a release. Unexplainable. But whatever shifted on that table was needed and I have been so much more comfortable than weeks prior.  I am officially a believer of acupuncture therapy and have added Dr Lau to my A-team of holistic healers.  Amy, the receptionist is also very welcoming and helpful. This office is definitely a 5 star. Thank you, Amy & Dr. Lau.


Neck Pain Relief


Strongly recommend acupuncture treatments at King’s Acupuncture and Wellness Center with Dr. Lau. His calm and compassionate demeanor as well as professional expertise minimizes any apprehension during the treatment.

My acute neck pain relief has improved greatly only after 3 treatments.

I plan on continuing with maintenance treatments in the future.


Relief is on the way


From Yelp

Relief is on the way….Absolutely love King’s Acupuncture and Wellness Center, this is a very clean and professional environment. More importantly, in this time of COVID, their patients are treated with warmth, respect, safety and care in- office visits. I am seeing Dr. Lau due to a shoulder and arm injury, after 2 visits I can feel a huge difference, for example the pain has subsided greatly and my range of motion has improved. I have recommended him before and will continue to do so, thank you Dr. Lau.

The care you give to your patients makes a difference in their lives

January 6, 2021

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you!  The care you give to your patients makes a difference in their lives.

You have changed my life.  My allergies were so bad, I would not open the house windows Spring through Fall, I would take showers and change my clothes after being outside.  I would limit time outside.  Allergy shots failed me after trying multiple times over a 20-year span.  After the last time of trying shots, my allergist said they could no longer treat me.  I was on antibiotics multiple times a year for sinus infections and was doing all I could with medications. 

After years of debating about acupuncture, I finally gave it a try.  The results I have experienced changed my life. 

During my recent physical, after seeing how acupuncture helped me – my Doctor let me know she recommends acupuncture to other patients who struggle with Western Medicine.

Noticing the results I was obtaining from acupuncture, my husband gave it a try and believes you continue to help him.

When our daughter was struggling with what ended up being a sciatic issue, we brought her to you.  On the drive home, after her first treatment, she said she was already feeling better.  After a second treatment, she was better in a week’s time.

I just want to say thank you so very much for all you do.  We now open our windows, went outside, I didn’t worry about taking a shower and changing my clothes when going inside.  Life has changed so much and just gotten so much better. 

With great appreciation,


Heart Palpitations

December 11, 2020

I have been seeing Dr. Lau at King’s Acupuncture regularly over the past couple months and I have had a great experience that I would like to share with others!

I initially came looking for a holistic treatment for heart palpitations that had no specific cause per the other medical doctors I have seen. This was my first time trying acupuncture.

The clinic itself has a relaxing atmosphere. Amy, the medical assistant, is very friendly, helpful and welcoming at the front desk every time I come in. Dr. Lau is kind, caring, and super knowledgeable. He will take the time with you to answer questions and make you feel comfortable, which can be rare in the medical field these days. He does not just treat the symptoms you present with. He does a whole head-to-toe assessment to find out where your body may be out of balance, using acupuncture and herbs (if needed) to restore your health.

The treatment itself is very calming for me. You get to relax in a dimly lit room with soft classical music for ~20 minutes or so. There are heat lamps for you to use if, like me, you tend to get cold. I will actually fall asleep half of the time during my session!

I have seen a significant improvements since coming for acupuncture. My palpitations have decreased substantially, most days I have few to none, which is amazing considering just months ago they were occurring every single day, all throughout the day. Acupuncture has also had profoundly positive benefits for my mental health. I laugh a lot more, stress a lot less, I feel less “overwhelm” at the little things that add up. I am grateful to Dr. Lau and his staff for this service provided and I feel lucky to have found acupuncture as one of my tools for healing!