Our Testimonials

40th year of receiving acupuncture

Dear Dr. Lau,

I wanted to thank you for years of successful treatment.

I realized recently that this is my fortieth year of receiving acupuncture!

Years ago, I started with Dr. King but have had most of my treatments with you. You have helped me with migraines, sinus, allergies, gout, sciatica and many other ailments too numerous to mention.

You have been my first choice for treatment and it has paid off.

Your gentle manner and general support has meant the world to me.

Gratefully yours,

Sheila Wilcox

Pinched nerve in lower back

March 2017

I am completely relieved of pain in my lower back due to a chronic pinched nerve. Felt better immediately. Dr.Lau is very professional and I highly recommend his wellness center to anyone having discomfort. Definitely worth a try to any skeptics. You will be impressed with swift results.

Bill S.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

February, 2017

I’m grateful to Dr. Lau for treating me for Trigeminal Nerve Pain. After having it for a year and being on pills, I decided to try acupuncture.

I had six treatments and could tell the difference! It is much milder and I can eat and talk a lot better!

The pain still comes and goes but is not as painful as before.

Connie B.

Release from Menopausal Symptoms

March 29, 2016
I wanted to thank Dr. Lau for all his help and guidance in easing the menopausal symptoms I was experiencing. I came to Dr. Lau with really severe hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, palpitations, and just over all exhaustion. With a combination of acupuncture and a Chinese herbal supplement I was greatly eased of my symptoms, after only one treatment. Nearly all symptoms were eliminated after a few treatments. I can’t even describe how great I feel sleeping thru the night and virtually zero hot flashes. Thanks to Dr. Lau there is a very balanced way to pass into menopause.

I am living proof acupuncture works

March 9, 2016

I go to King’s Acupuncture because of the pleasant atmosphere and am very confident that it works. I am living proof.

Frank J.

Acupuncturist’s Note: This patient was treated for alcohol addiction.