January 07, 2000

Dr. Lau,
Here is my attempt at a testimonial.
My name is Kent Berger. I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1975,
and began seeing Dr. Lau for a serious pain condition called Tri-geminal Neuralgia that I have had since 1989, on Dec. 21, 1999. After having enough drugs with no result at one point in time the Neurology Dept. at the VA recommended to cut the nerve. 4 times but the problem persists. Since seeing Dr. Lau I have begun to experience periods of pain relief to the point of “no pain” beginning from 30 minutes of relief to now I have had periods of
time lasting up to 6 hr. and I am getting about 6 hr. of sleep, normal was a couple of hr. twice a day. Chewing was out of the question, drinking ability limited. Much better now. I have had 6 appointments so far and look forward to my future treatments. Dr. Lau has an excellent touch for locating the nerve and getting the right spot. I understand it is no over night fix for the problem that has persisted for 10 yrs but I am confident in Dr. Lau’s ability and expertise that we will get it done. I emphasize “we” because he works with me and gives me an explanation of what he is doing and makes me feel as important as the exact spot treatment is required and has genuine concern. I only wish I had done this before I allowed the surgery. I anticipate & look forward to adding my experiences with this in the future and I will continue to have positive results.

Kent Berger

my AOL address is obkbee@aol.com