September 6, 2001

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have been so remiss in sending this letter of thank you. This has not been intentional. Since completing treatment with you this spring I have been doing well! Much of this Thanks to You!

When I ruptured two discs in my neck last summer, (but didn’t have this diagnosis until October) I was in so much pain from right sided headaches, neck pain and stiffness including some upper back and arm symptoms. This neck problem was in addition to chronic low back pain and a sleep disorder. The multiple regular treatments with acupuncture and electro-acupuncture were marvelous. They decreased the pains to nearly non-existent, allowing me to go without further increases in the pharmaceutical pain management program I had been on. The painless treatments also improved my energy level and seemed to help me sleep better.

I cannot thank you enough. You have made me a believer in acupuncture! I would even like to learn it so that I may offer it to suffering patients. May God Bless you in Every aspect of your life!

Suzanne M. Picinich, D.O.