This is a copy from the Amherst Drug Court received 2/1/01

To: Drug Court Client

Please read the packet given to you explaining Acupuncture Detoxification treatment, which has been mandated by Amherst Drug Court.

A schedule of the sessions is included in the packet. Time and places in which sessions are available are listed for you.

The court mandates that you attend 12 consecutive sessions, with a report of
attendance going to the court on a weekly basis. Missing any scheduled acupuncture sessions will be considered a failure to attend treatment.

Acupuncture sessions will be held at Univera’s Mosher site, 899 Main Street, Buffalo (878-2700) in the Behavioral Health Department (1st floor). The hours are 9:00 – 10:30 (a session lasting 45 minutes).

It is understood that in addition to Acupuncture detox, that you will be involved in Chemical Dependency treatment at an agency to be determined by Amherst Drug Court.

It is suggested that 1 hour before each session you refrain from nicotine and caffeine, and for 1 hour after a session. They may make ears more sensitive. It is also suggested to use the rest room before a treatment. (no leaving the room with needles in ear)

On your first visit please get here promptly at 9:00 for a brief orientation.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact Pamm Pernick or Linda Robbins at 668-6170 (5031).

We hope that acupuncture will be of benefit to you and look forward to providing this
service to you.

Univera Health Care
Acupuncture Detox Coordinator