February 14, 2003

Dr. Herbert KY. Lau, Ph.D. LAC
King’s Acupuncture
Transit Valley Plaza
5859 Transit Road
East Amherst, New York 14051

Dear Dr. Lau,
I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional and courteous treatment I received each and every time I came to your office for an acupuncture treatment.

Prior to beginning my acupuncture treatments with you, I had become frustrated
arid began to worry that I may have to have surgery to relieve the pain that I was suffering. For the past six months I have been suffering pain radiating down my left leg from my hip to my calf After seeing my primary care physician, a chiropractor and a neurologist, it was determined that the pain was caused by a protruding herniated disc which was making contact with my sciatic nerve. I was given a prescription for Motrin by my primary care physician which I took without any relief of the pain. I then went for a few chiropractic adjustments which initially helped, but after a short time the pain returned.

Next, I was referred to a neurologist and was given steroids which gave me relief
for a few days. The neurologist then suggested I try an epidural as that possibly would give me a longer period of relief I decided against the epidural and was told that maybe I should see a neurosurgeon.

As a last resort before scheduling an appointment with the neurosurgeon, I decided
to make an appointment with you and give acupuncture a try. Well, I happy to say that after approximately to to 12 treatments I have finally received some measurable relief from the pain. I am very optimistic that shortly I will be able to again go to work, go to the gym and do my normal everyday activities without experiencing pain. I feel that I have been given my life back. I can now do the everyday things that a short time ago were very painful.

Thank you Dr. Lau for giving me my life back.

Gail A. Darrow