Sept. 23, 2000

Dr. Herbert K.Y. Lau,
King’s Acupuncture

Dear Dr. Lau and Staff,
I am so happy I found you! After a foot injury one year ago and visits to two podiatrists who offered me insoles and basically said “just live with it,” I heard about and consulted Dr. Lau at his acupuncture clinic. I had been experiencing considerable pain and intense burning in my foot since the injury and could only tolerate heavy soled shoes. Since I had always enjoyed power walks each morning and lots of physical activity, being inactive was extremely depressing for me. Each treatment by Dr. Lau improved the condition of my foot, decreasing the burning and renewing the flexibility. Now the burning has ceased, the pain is gone, I am resuming my power walks and feeling very optimistic. Dr. Lau’s treatments were a turnaround for me.
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Lau for his patient, meticulous analysis of my problem, his time in evaluating it and his kind, gentle and thorough method of treatment. His staff is cheerful, upbeat and efficient. And I loved the relaxing classical music! The entire experience was a very pleasant and positive one. Thank you.

Marie Guildford