January 7, 2005

I came to Dr. Lau for relief from carpal tunnel syndrome in the Fall of 2004. The intense pain in my hand and wrist was waking me up several times each night. After the first visit, the pain was almost completely gone! After several more sessions, the carpal tunnel symptoms were gone except for slight numbness in the tips of my middle and index fingers, (which my regular doctor feels is not carpal tunnel related.) I still work on the computer all day and am pain-free. I don’t wear my brace anymore and am able to sleep the night through! Activities that used to cause severe pain, such as gardening, house cleaning, and driving, don’t bother me at all!

During my treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, I accidentally fell on the stairs at home and injured my back, resulting in pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain and loss of mobility were terrible! After two acupuncture sessions, this problem is also a dim memory!

In addition, my acupuncture treatments resulted in the following:

No more hot flashes! (These were so bad, I was waking up every hour or two.)

Raynauds’ syndrome gone! (Raynauds’ syndrome causes fingers to quickly turn yellow and go numb in cold weather, (this makes winter sports very difficult………. actually…………it makes living in Buffalo very difficult!)

Quit coffee! I didn’t want to quit coffee, but during my course of acupuncture treatments, it just didn’t taste good anymore. This was after 25 years of four to six cups a day! Three months without coffee so far. I sleep better and I am wide awake in the morning without my caffeine “fix”! I just don’t have any craving for it anymore!

No colds, flu, bronchitis, or other illness and this is working with hacking, sneezing, sniffling co-workers who always get me sick enough to need anitbiotics and a week or two to recuperate.

Improvement in energy level! I no longer come home from work and immediately want to go to sleep! I do stuff after work! Also, I am not cold all the time.

Disappearance of a huge bulging vein in my leg! I have had it for years, and one day, about half way through my treatments, I noticed it had smoothed out and disappeared!

This is kind of an odd improvement, but my fingernails are stronger. They used to be very brittle and break easily. Since my acupuncture treatments, they are much healthier looking!

And, saving the best for last, it is absolutely WONDERFUL to sleep all night without waking up with carpal tunnel pain or hot flashes! There is just no way to put a price on a good nights’ sleep!

Dr. Lau, Wende, and Patti truly care about their patients. They make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. They really listen to you, which is a skill western medicine is lacking! I am so glad I tried acupuncture instead of surgery for my carpal tunnel!

Thank you Dr. Lau, Wende and Patti for the most precious gift of all, good health.

Joan Dionne