I started having headaches approximately 8 years ago. I was taking OTC drugs (Excedrin Migraine) to help the pain. After years of dealing with my headaches this way, I asked my doctor for help. He prescribed an anti-depressant used to also treat headaches. This lessened my headaches at first, but they got worse again. I changed doctors and my new doctor sent me to a neurologist. For about a year, I tried about 10 prescriptions to prevent and treat these tension and migraine headaches. Some of these drugs made me worse, and some lessened the pain for a while. Eventually, these drugs made me feel run-down and increased my headaches to daily. Then, I went to Kings Acupuncture to try a new approach.

Dr. Lau helped lessen my headaches to about 2 per month with acupuncture and without being on any prescription medicine. I am so grateful to not have a headache each day. Now Dr. Lau and I are going to focus on my psoriasis while maintaining headache treatments. So far, the areas of psoriasis have reduced in size. I can’t wait to see what future treatments bring. Thank you, Dr. Lau!


Justine Ostrowski, LMT