Dear Dr. Lau,

It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday and I’m happy to report that the
acupuncture that you administered is by all appearances fulfilling its
intended function. I have not smoked since entering your office.
One of the little pins in my ears felt infected on Sunday so I removed them
both. When needed, I substitute pressure from the tips of my fingernails
on the approximate location in the ear, with my thumbs against the
backs. Probably not at all an action included in a NCCAOM protocol but
serves the purpose. It hurts a good deal and certainly distracts me from
thinking about smoking.

And aren’t the Ease Plus tablets quite the concoction. About 10 minutes
after taking the prescribed number (3) I was just as the mellow as could
be. There is no question that they kept me from committing a number of
crimes during the first three days. Today, completion of day 4, I forgot
about them and took only 1 this morning. I don’t think I need them any
longer but am glad to have them on hand should I feel signs of getting out
of hand.

While I know that vigilance will be necessary to some extent or another for
the rest of my life, I am beginning to feel the joy of a smoke-free
existence. I shall be more than pleased to refer anyone who appears in
need to you for treatment of smoking or other ailment.

With gratitude,

Karen Smith