October 20, 2005

Dear Dr. Lau,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for providing me with relief after a year long exacerbation with Ulcerative Colitis.

Within three initial visits, along with an herbal regimen, I experienced significant improvement. That was in late July this year. Currently I continue with the herbs.

I have been receiving treatments twice a month.

My bowel movements became normal without bleeding. In addition I experienced a decrease in abdominal tenderness and regained more vital energy.

I am also being followed by a gastroenterologist, who has treated me with Mesalamine, without results. He became frustrated with me when I refused steroid therapy.

As you are aware, this is not the first time I have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for relief. Seven years ago while on active duty in the military, I chose to see a TCM doctor in Providence, Rhode Island who treated me during an acute exacerbation when other conventional methods failed.

The military physicians were amazed. I eventually testified before the state Health and Human Services Committee as to the effectiveness of TCM in a case of Ulcerative Colitis.

Please share my story with your colleagues and patients who may be skeptical.


Lynn S.