My sciatica pain is gone

December 18, 2007

About three years ago I started having lower back pain that radiated down my hamstring when I was sitting. Standing took the pain away. I am very active person and don’t sit for long periods of time but when I did, the pain reoccurred.  About one year ago, I started having inner thigh pain and I thought it was related to Pilates exercises. I tried resting the thigh but it was just getting worse. I talked to my doctor about and after having X-rays she sent me to physical therapy. I was faithful about going to physical therapy and doing the home exercises but the pain persisted. Apparently the PT was not helping.

I returned to my doctor who then sent me to Buffalo Spine. Before I went to that facility, a friend of mine, Ken Kingsbury told me about the relief he received from acupuncture at King’s acupuncture. I realized I had nothing to lose so I started treatments with Dr. Lau. After several treatments the pain was subsiding and I was experiencing relief. I went to buffalo spine and had several expensive tests including an MRI but they gave me nothing to relieve the pain. They advised me to be careful not overload my back or my condition would worsen.

Presently, my sciatica pain is gone and my inner thigh pain is very slight but it is a vast improvement. I am thankful about the referral to Dr. Lau and recommend him to everyone. Acupuncture is truly amazing.

Linda Wieland