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Dr. Lau’s acupuncture skill is perfect.

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Matt

February 20, 2013 感謝妙手神針劉廣儀醫生 春節,我的左手腕突然疼痛,晚上痛得不能入睡,手腕僵直,手 背紅腫,手指不能彎曲,嚴重影響我的日常生活行動,我非常著急。 這時,我想到的是King’s Acupuncture 的 Dr. Herbert Lau,他是我 熟悉的中醫針灸醫生。我打電話告訴他我的病況,他要我去他的診所 治療。我去了他診所,進了他辦公室,他詳細地詢問了我的病情,填 表後,決定“針灸”。他把我帶到設備齊全,非常整潔的治療室,讓我 躺在治療床上進行針灸。 Herbert 醫生針灸技術高明,他給我扎針時,我毫無痛感。之後, 我問他:是否還要再來?他斷然地說:“你手腕若不痛,就不必來 了。”我高興地回了家。第二天手腕感到好多了,不痛了。第三天手 腕已能活動,手背也消腫了。 Herbert 醫生之妙手僅用六根銀針扎進我手上的不同穴位,短短 40分鐘就消除了幾天來我手腕的僵直和疼痛。真正是針到病除,妙手 深深感謝妙手神針劉廣儀醫生! 患者 萬靜怡 2013年2月20日水牛城 Thanks a lot to Dr. Lau During Spring Festival, my left wrist was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at night. My wrist was not able to […]

Posted on September 30th, 2004 by herbertlau

September 30, 2004 Dear Dr. Lau, Thank you again for helping to take the pain away that I have experienced for the last 2 years, with left wrist tendonitis. I tried physical therapy and a drug for inflammation, and it was not helping. I was skeptical about acupuncture but that thought is gone. I am […]

Posted on July 8th, 2004 by herbertlau

July 8th 2004 Dear Dr. Lau, Thanks to your expertise, the tendonitis I was experiencing for several months was totally gone after my acupuncture treatment. I do believe that alternative medicine is a great healer. Thank you Rona Polakoff Editor’s note: Rona has tendonitis of knee and hand.