Emphatical endorsement of Dr. Lau and his acupuncture practice

April 20, 2017

When I first made an appointment with Dr. Lau in July of 2013, I had been suffering intolerable back pain with sciatica nerve pain from my tailbone down both my legs. I had tried stretching, yoga, strengthening exercises, went to a chiropractor and took OTC anti-inflammatory meds. It got so bad, I had to have my husband take me to the emergency room where they diagnosed a possible herniated disc or similar issue. They prescribed opioid pain meds (oxycodone), 800 mg ibuprofen and naproxen. Nothing helped! I was desperate and finding it hard to sleep, eat or work. I had always been open to any type of alternative / holistic approaches to medicine and lifestyle but had never tried acupuncture. I researched some local acupuncture offices and chose Kings Acupuncture after visiting their site and their proximity to where I work. From the first visit with Dr. Lau I felt at ease and comfortable enough to explain all my issues. He asked me questions and got a history. He then gave me acupuncture 4 or 5 times over the next two weeks. I am not kidding when I tell you, I got relief after the first session and continued improving each time after until I was pain free and felt completely normal! I also asked Dr. Lau to treat my hemorrhoids (painful & bleeding) problem and he prescribed some Chinese herbs that made my issue go away completely after a 30 day supply.

Almost two years later I had a similar episode of back pain but did not hesitate to make an appointment right away. Again within four treatments I was pain free. Also at that time, I had been having bad wrist pain (carpet tunnel perhaps?) and tennis elbow pain and arthritis in my hands that he treated at the same time and I have not had bad pain since. Recently, I returned again to Dr. Lau, almost two years after my last treatment with similar back / sciatica pain and we are improving greatly with each treatment!

I am emphatically endorsing Dr. Lau and his acupuncture practice. I beg anyone that has issues they need help with to consider visiting Dr. Lau and King’s Acupuncture for help! Don’t suffer any longer!

Thank you for your continued service!

Trisha C.