I feel great out of constant itching

April 11, 2014

I’ve been fighting the case of hives on my skin, which lead to constant itching which I would itch so hard I would draw blood. This was going on for six months before I could get in to see a dermatology doctor. After months of seeing him, we found out through tests that the hives were not being caused by eating food. So it came down to what was causing my hives was what my skin was coming in contact with; which is we all know too well, could be almost anything. So after a year I decided to see about acupuncture treatments. I went to Kings Acupuncture and I have to say, after 6 treatments I could see results, so I continued on for 4 more treatments. I have so say; the only time I itch now is because of dry skin after this long cold winter. I put on a little cream and I feel great.


Carl M.