Hot Flashes and Gerd

November 30, 2015

I can’t say enough about my experience at King’s Acupuncture. It was such a great solution to my and my daughters various health concerns. I had been experiencing hot flashes off and on all day, all night. Needless to say I had not been sleeping well for some time. This all led to a fair amount of anxiety. My daughter over the summer, was experiencing a great deal of stress as well. She was starting high school in the Fall and was quite nervous about it. She is a very nervous child anyway but this had just heightened it. At the same time she started having severe reflux. We tried Prilosec, Xantac, tums, dietary changes and numerous trips to the doctor. Nothing was working. We decided to go holistic and tried many options suggested from a local vitamin/herbal/organic store to no avail. We finally came up with the idea of trying acupuncture. After a thorough consult with Dr. Lau my daughter had her first treatment. After the first treatment I would say that her reflux was 80% better. We bought a package deal that included the consult and 4 treatments. She has now completed all 4 and has had absolutely no recurrence of the reflux. She is more relaxed and is sleeping perfectly. It was at that point that I thought of trying it for myself. Without exaggeration I can say that I have not experienced a single hot flash since my treatments started. I am also taking some natural herbal supplements that Dr. Lau suggested and I believe those helped as well. I have recommended Dr. Lau to numerous friends and family members and will continue to do so.

Clarence, NY

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