I came to Dr. Lau as a last ditch effort

January 2nd 2013

I came to Dr. Lau as a last ditch effort. I have suffered from chronic every day migraines for over a year. I have been on multiple medications have had nerve blocks and botox injections as well as IV medications .I had to drop out of nursing school because it became too debilitating. As I made an appointment at Cleveland Clinic to join a 3 week migraine program, I decided to give acupuncture a try. It has worked wonders for me as I am down to about 1 headache a week!! I have more energy and I feel so much happier being pain free! I haven’t had any medical interventions for 4 weeks now which is a plus for me! Dr. Lau and his staff are very kind and helpful and I would recommend anyone dealing with debilitating migraines to give it a try!

Laura E