“I felt like a normal person again”

October 3, 2018

My first meeting with Dr. Herbert Lau was on Friday, July 27, 2018, for overactive-urgent bladder. The prescribed medication I had been taking neither stopped nor improved my urgency incontinence, and it had miserable side effects from dehydration. Dr. Lau explained to me that he could not guarantee a cure, but we could give acupuncture and herbal supplements a try. I was very pleasantly surprised on August 28, 2018 the day of my 6 th treatment, I had the relief I sought from overactive-urgent bladder.

NO MORE: “Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now!”

NO MORE: “Run, Run, Run to the Bathroom!”

NO MORE: “Just Made It!”

NO MORE: Strong urges, leaks or accidents. Just a calm physical indication I should go to the bathroom. I felt like a normal person again.

I continued treatments with Dr. Lau through September 19 for a total of nine. Currently, I continue taking the herbal supplement – three per day. I am so very grateful for the relief I have from overactive-urgent bladder. I pray that it will last; if it doesn’t, I will see Dr. Lau again.


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