Knee Rich

June 2017

I have had knee problems for 15 years. Having arthroscopic about 12 years ago and not really feeling at least 50% better I turned to prolotherapy which worked very well for many years. The cost of the treatments were prohibitive so I stopped. It really helped for a number of years.

Recently, I injured my left knee. I could not go up and down stairs without grimacing in pain. Getting in and out of a chair was very difficult. I am a 64 year old big guy but exercise every day.
I decided to try Acupuncture to see if what I have heard about it was true.

Let me tell you, Dr. Lau’s procedures worked great. After the second treatment I was 50% better. After the forth I was 80% better. I realize that my knee will never be 100%. I will take being able to walk up and down the stairs with little pain and getting in and out of a chair with virtually no pain.

Dr. Lau is a great guy who obviously knows his modality in and out. The office is very professional yet relaxing and soothing. I would suggest Dr. Lau to anyone who can’t find relief in anything else they have tried. Dr. Lau also knows his herbal supplements.

Rich P.

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