Noninvasive, practical and life-changing. Why wouldn’t anyone try this

June 11, 2014

Regarding Dr. Lau and King’s Acupuncture:

I have received extremely effective and yet noninvasive and gentle acupuncture sessions from Dr. Lau. His knowledge of the field and keen understanding of Chinese Traditional Medicine are matched by his diagnostic abilities and precision.

My first session of acupuncture with Dr. Lau was to affect sinus and allergy issues that I have had all of my adult life. During the treatment I was amazed at the transformation of my sinuses, I could literally feel the swelling recede and air begin to course through my breathing passages in an uninhibited way I had never experienced fully before. It turns out I was an excellent recipient for acupuncture and my treatments left me feeling wonderful and completely able to eliminate reactions. I was ecstatic to now achieve a medicine free state – for good. The success of the first treatment converted me to a fully loyal promoter of acupuncture and Dr. Lau; it only made sense to receive even more treatments, which naturally caused even more functionality to return to my system.

I also received treatments for general wellness and metabolism/weight issues that bothered me both physically and emotionally. These treatments were highly successful as well, beginning with the very first session which I was more than happy to enjoy. Each successive treatment alleviated barriers to my system’s functionality, and “lifted” me – without fog, without prescriptions, without side effects – naturally enhancing my body’s own ability to process these issues.

Sometimes people are hesitant to “try” acupuncture, for a variety of reasons. I would like to encourage people about the success they can achieve and recommend these processes fully – noninvasive, practical and life-changing. Why wouldn’t anyone try this – its’ so simple!


Jennifer Z.

Graphic Designer