Post Stroke


Recently my husband had a heart attack and had to have CABGx5.  After the open heart he had a complication three days later and had a mild right sided stroke.  He had a few issues after the stroke with his left side being weakness in his left arm, drooping on his face and left eye issues.  He was going to PT – for the balance and walking issues, OT – for the left had issues and Speech Therapy for the speaking issues.

After these therapies were incorporated I wanted to explore other options with complementary modalities so I looked into acupuncture.  I heard about Dr. Lau from a friend of mine who went to him for Bell’s palsy.  She is living proof that the acupuncture on her by Dr. Lau worked.  I could never tell that she had the Bell’s palsy.

Anyway, my husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Lau and we signed up for 12 acupuncture sessions.  Dr. Lau was very open and explained where my husband’s issues were and the needles were placed accordingly.

After only a few sessions I could see a remarkable difference in his left hand with grasping and his eye was closing a little bit more where it wasn’t doing this with just conventional OT.  With continued therapy with the acupuncture on his left arm, face and eye, results were starting to take effect.

Now, my husband can grasp with his left hand (opening a jar by himself) and his left eye can close and open by itself.  With the acupuncture to his speech, he is more clear and the drooping on that side is almost unrecognizable.      Thanks to Dr. Lau and his knowledge of acupuncture my husband, two months post stroke – you would never know he had a stroke.

Thank you so much Dr. Lau for all you have done and his road to recovery is still going to be an uphill battle, but with your help we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

You truly have a gift to help people and treat them with an open mind.


Elaine and Randy

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