The care you give to your patients makes a difference in their lives

January 6, 2021

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you!  The care you give to your patients makes a difference in their lives.

You have changed my life.  My allergies were so bad, I would not open the house windows Spring through Fall, I would take showers and change my clothes after being outside.  I would limit time outside.  Allergy shots failed me after trying multiple times over a 20-year span.  After the last time of trying shots, my allergist said they could no longer treat me.  I was on antibiotics multiple times a year for sinus infections and was doing all I could with medications. 

After years of debating about acupuncture, I finally gave it a try.  The results I have experienced changed my life. 

During my recent physical, after seeing how acupuncture helped me – my Doctor let me know she recommends acupuncture to other patients who struggle with Western Medicine.

Noticing the results I was obtaining from acupuncture, my husband gave it a try and believes you continue to help him.

When our daughter was struggling with what ended up being a sciatic issue, we brought her to you.  On the drive home, after her first treatment, she said she was already feeling better.  After a second treatment, she was better in a week’s time.

I just want to say thank you so very much for all you do.  We now open our windows, went outside, I didn’t worry about taking a shower and changing my clothes when going inside.  Life has changed so much and just gotten so much better. 

With great appreciation,