This office is definitely a 5 star


Chicken before egg or egg before chicken scenario. I suffer from Low back and digestive issues. I chose to try something different.  Four acupuncture treatments with Dr Lau. and I have relief in both areas.  Dr Lau took time to listen and answer each of my questions. I appreciated his knowledge and awareness to each issue I presented. There was no rush. His energy is calming. And it certainly did not feel routine.  After week 1 (2 sessions) I had some relief. But after my 4th session, I literally felt a release. Unexplainable. But whatever shifted on that table was needed and I have been so much more comfortable than weeks prior.  I am officially a believer of acupuncture therapy and have added Dr Lau to my A-team of holistic healers.  Amy, the receptionist is also very welcoming and helpful. This office is definitely a 5 star. Thank you, Amy & Dr. Lau.