Most of the total pain is GONE

July 24, 2017

When I first came to Dr. Lau at Kings Acupuncture, I had been suffering from severe nerve pain as a result of a bad case of the Shingles. My attack of the Shingles started in December 2016, and after the blisters were cured, about three weeks later, I waited for the nerve pain to subside. But it never did.

My issue: after the painful blisters dried up, the nerve pain where they had been, never went away. This area covered my right thigh and around to my right buttock. The resulting pain was varied, either dull and throbbing or sharp and electric. It was often strong enough to make me cry out loud. It never went away, just moved around. All I could do was take prescribed medication. I visited neurologist’s and other doctors.

Trying to ease my pain, I tried medication and chiropractic, but with only limited improvement. This went on for seven months.

Finally, I visited Dr Lau and asked for his help. I must say, that I started getting relief after the first session. A month later, I am very pleased. Much of the pain (sharp and dull) has been relieved. The electric “jolts” are gone and I only get some occasional pains. I would say 90-95% of the total pain is GONE. I have reduced my medications considerably.

After 8 sessions, I am feeling MUCH better. I am walking and sleeping MUCH better. I used to have to LIFT my right leg to get into the car, today I found myself getting into the car normally, so things seem to be getting back to NORMAL. So, am well pleased with Dr. lau’s treatment.

E. Davies

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