UTI Gone in 3 Days

September 23, 2019

Dear Dr Lau,

Many Nya’-Wehs (thank you in Seneca) to you for all you have done for me.  This letter is way, way overdue.

For several years I suffered from urinary tract infections (UTI), to the point that I was prescribed a daily antibiotic.  Then one day, a mutual acquaintance asked if I had ever considered acupuncture and told me about you.  I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, but also desperate to find relief.  So I reluctantly decided to give it a try.

The day of my first appointment, I was already a couple days into another episode.  I dreaded the needles, and to my surprise there was no discomfort to speak of.  The infection was gone in about 3 days and after 4 or 5 visits I was totally healed.  That was at least 18 months ago, and I am still free of that scourge today.  When I have a slight warning that I’m headed in that direction again, I start taking the herbs and it does the trick.

Since our first encounter, you have removed sciatica, sinusitis and other ailments from my body, and I have recommended you to everyone and anyone who will listen.  My only regret is that I didn’t know you long ago as I am 82 years old and raised a family of 5 girls alone since the youngest was 4.  I am your biggest cheerleader and I thank God for you, Mrs. Lau and Wende and your wonderful kindness to me and my family.

Most Sincerely,


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